It has been one of those weeks … where things haven’t played out the way I had hoped.  I have felt a little down and honestly have been sulking a little bit.  Why do I do that?  Why do I allow the devil to get me down and stay in that suffering? 


When I have moments like this I often try to remember that my suffering is so small compared to so many that I know and love.  Two of my heroes are my sister, Anita, and her husband, Joel.  They have taken on the task of adopting a sibling group of five children from the foster care system.  They are coming up on four years for their “gotcha day” and the walk and the job they have daily is beyond what most people could handle.  I guess I should say, without Christ, I believe no one could successfully handle what they are doing.  Many of you reading this blog likely are on that same road, or are entering this road of parenting children from early trauma.  I have thought often about how this journey is a mission field.  I know that this is not a revelation to most of you that are reading this.  You understand that thought and know deeply that this is a mission field and that God has called you to missions.  Some of us would be more comfortable going on a short term mission trip, taking a couple weeks or month of our year and go, do a task and return home.  Those mission trips are so needed and absolutely from God.  What if God was calling you to a lifelong mission field?  What if your mission field includes adopting children that will always be your children no matter what their decisions and how their needs play out?


Many feel that those adopting these hurt children are “choosing” to do that.  I hear it often with those at church or those that I work with; family members or friends feel like you have chosen this road and you should have known that it would be hard.  I so disagree with that I can’t even express to you how strongly I disagree.   Hearing so many different journeys to adoption I can tell you that families that earnestly seek Christ on this decision are called by Him to do this job.  This is a lifelong calling.  This is not a short term mission trip.  It is one that has so many twists and turns and so many unknowns that without Christ walking alongside you it could be so overwhelming that you would absolutely sink.  I am so thankful for families like you … willing to accept the call of this lifelong mission field.


Back to my sister and her husband, only God can sustain them.  In my pitiful week of feeling sad and frustrated with the small problem that I have, they have multiple problems much larger daily, and yet, they continue to walk their journey even though I am certain there are days when giving up might feel easier.  They continue to advocate for their children when the school does not understand their needs, they continue to hold, rock and snuggle their children when they may be enduring a physical assault from a child that is anxiety ridden, and they continue to love, guide and train even when it seems every word that may be uttered from a child is not the truth.   How does one do that?  It is only by the grace of God.  It is only in keeping the perspective that God is in control, He loves their children even more than they do, and He wants them to be drawn to Him.  My sister can be going through this and in my small struggle she has the fortitude to remind me of Psalm 46:10 … “Be still and know that I am God.  I will be exalted among the nations; I will be exalted in the earth.”  I am working today to remember to “Be still” … God has not left me in my frustrations, He wants me even when I am frustrated and He wants me to remember that even in this HE IS GOD and He has complete control!!