Have you heard of babywearing?  Prior to adopting our daughter, I had not heard the term.  I had seen people with their babies hanging off the front of them in Baby Bjorn carriers, and maybe a few granola moms with their babies in what's called a ring sling, but babywearing?  What in the world is that?   

I should state for the record that I consider myself to be a bit of a granola mom.  We eat as much organic as we can, we do not have any unsafe cleaning products in our home, but vinegar and Basic H from Shaklee rule the roost for all things clean.  We don't not use any mainstream bath and body products due to all the chemicals that make it into our systems… you get the picture, I'm one of 'those' people.  :) Proudly.  So when one of my cousins (a total granola mom) asked me 'are you going to wear your new baby?' I was intrigued and fascinated and immediately interested in knowing more.  So I got online and read like crazy.  Here are a few links for you if you're already intrigued:



We wear our daughter.  Everyday.  I wore her in a Sleepy Wrap the first day in the hospital, my husband wore her in the Ergo baby carrier with the infant insert when she was teeny tiny.  We had a ring sling… we went babywearing crazy!  Not only could we nurture and love baby, but we could get the dishes done, we could vacuum, we could go for walks, we could shop, completely hands-free and knowing our dear baby girl was totally safe and comfortable.  For us, it was the ultimate in healthy attachment with our adopted daughter.  We knew she was safe, warm, breathing!, and we are 100% convinced that she sleeps like such a trooper because we wore her and she was so secure in our love and nurture.  We cannot imagine not having this bond with her, or this amazing tool that helps with attachment, sleep, security, and just that desired closeness that we want to have with her.  Now our daughter mostly rides in a soft-structured carrier (like an Ergo or a Beco) on our backs.  Or wrapped around me in a woven wrap.  We own two soft-structured carriers, two ring slings (one summer and one winter weight) We have two woven wraps and of course a stretchy wrap we can no longer use as she's just too big.  I add this last sentence to show you how much a part of our lives babywearing is.  We have a babywearing device for any situation and we use them all.  When and if she gets crankly or overtired, we wear her.  If we are in an overstimulating environment, even church, we wear her.  If she desires to be held or carried and we have things we have to get done, we wear her.  She loves it, we love it.  Frankly, I have never met a baby that doesn't love it.  If we are blessed with another child, we will wear that child will even more confidence than our first.  At the very least, check it out.  Babywearing is possible up to 4-5 yrs. old!  Of course, they are heavier, but you carry them anyway!  If you're adopting, put a carrier on our wish list, it's the best gift you could receive in my opinion.  I truly believe your bond will be even faster if you choose to wear your new baby, biological or adopted.  Best part, they pack really easily too….take them overseas to pick your new one up. 

Here are a few more links for you to my VERY FAVORITE place to purchase my carriers.  The store is called Granola Babies, how appropriate for me. They are the most loving, conscientious experts on all things babywearing, and they are totally commited to making sure that you have what works best for you and educating you about how to safely use  your carrier.   

Link to Granola Babies blog about how to babywear and choose the right carrier:


Link to Granola Babies website:


Link to carrier rentals:  At granola babies, you can rent carriers you'd like to try out!  So for a very small amount of money, and a deposit, you can have several sent to you and try them out to see what works best!  I HIGHLY recommend this. 


For the record, our favorite carriers:

Beco Gemini (a soft-structured carrier for birth to 35-40 pounds from newborn to pre-school) You can do four different carries with this!

Ergo carrier (soft-structured carrier for birth (with infant insert) to 40 pounds) LOVE the pocket and great for day trips and hiking!  they also make a sport model which is mesh and breathes beautifully for your active peeps!

Sakura Bloom ring sling: Gorgeous and fabulous

Woven Wrap ring sling: soft, warm and so very handy for in and out of car to store trips and for babies who like to get up and down a lot! 

Woven wraps:  we have a 4.6 meter and a 2.6 meter, you can do the most amazing custom babywearing with a wrap. You have to learn how to do the wraps which seems daunting at first, but honestly, this is the most comfortable way to wear a baby and there are literally dozens of carries you can do. 

Sleepy Wrap: A stretchy knit wrap, also a brand called Moby, is great for newborns to 15 pounds.  For adoptive moms who have LONGED to carry their own child but cannot, you will LOVE this wrap, I felt like I carried my daughter as a bio baby because of this amazing gift.  A great baby shower gift too at only $40 or so. 

If you have specific questions about babywearing, you can certainly ask me!  Or please call Granola Babies, ask for Giselle or Cindy and tell them I sent you and say hello for me!  They are fabulous people. 

Wear your Baby, you will be blessed!!!