I’d dare say that anyone who has adopted kids has a heart for adoption.  I for one can be running in twelve different directions, but if you want to talk to me about your interest in adoption, it will probably stop me in my tracks!

It’s a wonderful, God-inspired, God-created thing.

Last April, we brought home our 3 children from Ethiopia: Svanna Feruz (8), Gabriel Asmelash (5) and Summer Firewoyni (3).

It’s a different thing, adopting older kids.  We’d adopted Jaden 2 years prior to this.  He was 16 months old when we came home. 

Different…but just as wonderful.

Adopting older kids is not for the faint of heart.  But then again, neither is parenting!  Am I right?

We have been so blessed by our newest three family members.  Incredibly blessed.

My experience?  It’s harder, but so worth it.  And there are so many older kids who need homes.  Have you considered it?  Search your heart.  Is God leading you towards an older child?

Don’t go into it blind.  Do your homework.  It’s not fun to read about the not-so-fun-things.  I did.  Some of them were scary reads. 

We have been incredibly blessed in that the transition, although not easy, has been a good one.  We’ve not experienced many of the difficulties others have.  We’ve had our share of tantrums and other learned defensive behaviors.  But the kids are growing and so are we.

And now being home four months, we decidedly have turned a corner.  There was a corner at two months.  And now one at four.  Good corners.

We’ve bonded.  We’re a family.  We’re a family God has placed together.  We’re growing together.  We’re learning together.  We’re loving each other.  It’s amazing.  It’s wonderful.  I wouldn’t give it up for anything.

A little over a year ago, I would have been very surprised had you told me God was taking us down this path.  But, oh, how grateful I am that He has!

Consider if there’s room in your heart for an older child.  They’re waiting…