Adopters helping adopters helping adopt:  that’s what we get into once we feel called and compelled to bring a child home that was not born into it.  We should warn those who have not yet adopted, that they become part of a community that does this.  A few weeks ago, a busy mom, local, adoptive mom dropped off a killer lasagna because she knew we had this new little baby boy at our house and she supposed we could use a meal.  I waited for the day when we really needed a meal…..and shut-the-front-door……best lasagna ever.  She was likely too busy to make us dinner.  She has busy kids, too.  But she did.  It’s what we do.

My husband was travelling home from a business trip to Germany recently and sat near a family bringing a newly adopted son home from Ethiopia.  They were having a rough time with the trip.  Apollo was his name, 22 months old.  He was sick and fretful, scared.  Roger gave them whatever support and encouragement and tips he could as they were brand new parents and he was a seasoned daddy who was just trying to get home to his houseful of kiddos.  Because of jetlag he neglected to connect them with Katelyn’s Fund so lets just all pray for Apollo and his family ok?

Even as we are adjusting to life with our 5th child, I am also contending for the families who are in the process of adopting kids near and far.  A friend of mine who just adopted their 6th child is working fervently to find families willing to adopt some of the special needs kids in India at the orphanage that has my heart…..she is an adopter helping adopters helping adopt.

We want the happy ending for every child, every family, every home…..and so we do it even when we are tired.  Even when we are too busy, we cannot lay it down until every child has a family.