Once upon a time a baby boy was born to  a couple.  It is not clear whether the couple was married or not.  By the time the baby boy was 2 years old, his mama was back in prison.  His daddy was not able or willing to parent him so the toddler went to live with his grandma.  One story is that the grandma was reluctant to keep him, and lived in a run down trailer court and was an alcoholic.  No one really knows for sure.  When the boy was 5 or 6 years old, his mama was released from prison in time to deliver her next baby.  She had a conversation with her public health nurse and said that the grandma couldn’t handle the boy well, he caused trouble at home and at school.  His mama said that when she got out of the half way house, got a job and a stable place to live, she was going to send for him and get him back.  


His mama only lasted about 6 months before re-incarceration.  Her next child was voluntarily placed for adoption….and the one after that.  9 months later his mama died in prison.  Grandma came to the funeral but the boy did not.  Grandma didn’t think he could handle it.  Grandma said she loved him very much and was doing her best to raise him.  2 years later, grandma died.  The boy, then about 8 years old, went to live with his daddy but that didn’t last so he was put into foster care.  This boy bounced around foster care for days and weeks and months and years.


Now this boy is 10 years old.  He is in a children’s home.  He is miserable, sad.  He needs a family.  A home.  He needs to matter to someone.  He needs forgiveness and stability and laughter around a dining room table.  He needs to go to the park, and throw a ball for a dog.  He needs a chance at a normal, healthy life.  He is troubled.  He is……traumatized.  He is not living up to his God-given potential.


I am so, so sad for this boy.  I want God’s best for him.  Pray with me, will you?  That God will rescue him and bring him out of darkness and into the light of redemption, healing, restoration and love……..