Today is Black Friday.  I confess that I bought nothing.  At least not yet.  I still have 2 hours and 21 minutes….just in case I find a good on-line deal or two.  Roger went for Christmas lights, I stayed home.   I intended to shop a bit but life took hold and it just never happened.  We went to chop down our Christmas tree today as we have for 18 years running.  We got it home and off the top of the vehicle and bought new lights for the first time in many years.  (They come on a cool wheel now…genius!)  I unpacked about 2/3 of the holiday boxes of stuff and savored memories of Christmas years past.  So many memories pour out every time I unpack these Christmas boxes….memories of us as newlyweds with no kids……can hardly remember who that girl was…..oh wait.  I bought a Christmas tree today.  Never mind.  no Black Friday sale tag though.

None of our boxes had anything for Josiah because last year there was no hint he would be here.  I did happen to have 5 stockings and 5 stocking holders….so we knew that eventually there would be 5 kids.  I want to go out and buy him his first ornament, and print photos of him snuggled up in the stroller at the Christmas tree farm….and frame the photo just so that I can pack it away with the boxes for next year.  

Next year when I unpack the boxes and the kids dive in and break things and destroy the house with holiday stuff….there will be items that hold memories for all of us.  finally.  I don’t want to rush the holiday, I want to savor it, but I do look forward to years to come when everyone in our family is represented in the sentimental stuff we display and pack away year after year.

I’m to tired to tackle the last couple of boxes so I think I’ll just post this and see what kind of sales are lurking about in cyberworld.  blessings, everyone!