Remembering Katelyn

“Now I yield to You and to Your careful hands. When I trust You I don’t need to understand.” -Hillsong

There are no truer words as we remember our daughter, the one we did not get to hold on this side of Heaven, but will embrace with such deep love and tears of joy when we reach His kingdom.

Katelyn passed away very unexpectedly when she was just 2 months old, and we were faced with another opportunity to trust the One who says He will never leave us nor forsake us. My heart has never ached like it did in those days. It was a time of seeking and searching, crying out and falling before our Father, but He is true to His word. He is close to the brokenhearted. He bends down to hear our cries. And He promises good in all things. All things. That is much to understand and much to trust, that in the very valley of our brokenheartedness, in a desperate time of searching for understanding, He was and is faithful. He was and is moving. And He asks us to hold His hand as He holds ours and together we go forward.

The ministry exists to celebrate her life, perfectly fashioned by the Lord and never far from His mind. He was there when we could not be, and He holds her today. We believe our little girl is filled with His glory, radiating His beauty, walking in the richness of His love, filled with His light and His presence and His peace. She feels and fears no pain, no separation, no struggle. She is overwhelmed with the splendor of HIS beauty and brilliance. We know, in the depths of our hearts, that she is experiencing joy upon joy upon joy. And we look forward to the day we will see her precious face.

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