Well, our family has had BIG NEWS in the past two months! Two years to the day of our beginning our adoption paperwork, we received a referral for twin boys from Congo! Our prayer through the entire process has been, “Lord, make your hand in this unmistakeable”…and oh how he has…


Like most adoptions, families face enormous decisions–decisions that would seem small or inconsequential but can lead to second-guessing, the “what-if” spiral of one small change in decision could lead to a different child, different family make-up, etc.–an exhausting mental roller coaster that truly keeps us from recognizing the TRUTH that it is the Lord who builds families–it is the Lord who has foreknown each member of each family from before time–redeeming brokenness for us all.


When we officially began the process, we started prayerful for twin boys, believing that our family would be completed with another set of twins (to join our biological boy/girl twins). Over the course of the next year, we began to doubt that original vision, thinking that we were being too specific, too preferential and putting our desires above whomever the Lord would bring to us. In fact, we opened up our file to adopt one child at a time, boy or girl. I must include, however, that our daughter continued to say, “You know, Momma, God COULD bring us twins” (and each time, I dismissed it as a never-gonna-happen possibility).


You can imagine our absolute shock/amazement/excitement/heart-attack inducing joy when our social worker called with a referral for one-year-old twin boys from Congo. I truly believe if the Lord had not shaped our heart to be open to whomever He would bring us, we would not have seen his unmistakable hand in bringing to us these precious faces. Join with us in praying not only that the process to bring home these boys is expedited, but that their birth parents would come to know the Lord in a life-changing way. 


Let us come to expect that amazing ways the Lord will work in our lives–for HIS GLORY! Let us walk by faith, knowing He is in control and His plan is at work.