Testimony Tuesday is dedicated to bringing you stories of our grant recipients.  May you be encouraged through their stories….

Four years ago, the Lord placed our daughter Isabella in my heart…  He instilled upon me three things… She would be born in China.  We would find her on the special needs Waiting Child list.  She would be my journey of faith.  Each one of these proved to be true.  Jesus put our daughter in my husband's heart at the exact time we needed to begin our adoption in order for the Lord to lead us specifically to her. 

We knew we were not able to move the mountain of finances that stood in our way to bring her home… but we know that our God is able to do all things… Each step of the way the Lord provided what we needed, through our fundraiser, through donations or through a grant….  Jeremy was seriously injured at work on Oct. 8th.  He had just been released from the ICU in the Augusta Burn Center.  After being home for only a short time we received an email from Sheila at Katelyn's Fund that they would like to interview us for a grant.  We were so excited and thankful as we truly did not have a way to raise all the money we needed to bring our little girl home.  The interview was a blessing in itself… It was wonderful to be able to share what God had been doing in our lives.  Everyone was so encouraging and supportive.  At the close of the interview each member of the board lifted our family, including our little Isabella up in prayer before the Lord.

God has ministered to our family through Katelyn's Fund in so many ways, through prayers,  words of encouragement, and the day we received the news that we were being blessed with a grant.  It was such a relief, a blessing and it was like a big hug from Jesus just reminding us that He has it all worked out!

We want to thank everyone who is a part of your ministry.  Everyone who prays for Katelyn's Fund and the families, everyone who participates in the fundraisers and everyone who gives donations.  We pray that God blesses you and this beautiful ministry and we thank you for being an answer to prayer and a part of our daughter's life story… thank you for helping us so that she can come home to her family and officially be Orphaned NO More.  The Lord has blessed us with our third little miracle Isabella, and she will be in her Mama's arms on Feb. 14th.  Jesus has provided all we need to bring her home!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts Katelyn's Fund, and may God bless you.