Have I said this before?




If so, it’s worth saying again.


If you are married, take the time.  Spend time–ALONE–with your spouse.  At least a date night.  Better yet, or weekend or a true blue vacation!


Ya ya I know.  No time.  No babysitter.  The kids need me.


I get it.  Really I do.  When you’re trying to go somewhere and it’s so tough to even get out the door you want to throw your hands up in the air and scream, “IT’S NOT WORTH IT!”


But…it is worth it.


You see, years from now…for some many, for others just a few…the two of you will be alone.  Kids grow up.  And do you really want to look at each other and wonder, “who are you?”  Or even worse, “why did I marry you?”


Over the years, people change.  We ALL do.  Life changes us.  Maturity (hopefully) changes us.  It’s not IF we’ll change.  Cuz we will.  And so will your spouse.  Don’t let your spouse change when you’re too busy with the kids to notice.  Keep your heart in tune with one another without distraction…at least on occasion.


I just got back from a 20th anniversary trip to the Black Hills of South Dakota with my hubby.   Trying to get out of the house was hard.  Getting back home and adjusting to real life is hard.


But connecting?  Priceless.