I was watching the news yesterday.  Getting depressed.  What is this world, our country, coming to?  Who will be hurt by these decisions?  These actions?  These in-actions?


What can I do?  Nothing it seems.  Wait, like everyone else, and see who will be affected.


Whoa.  Hang on there girl.  That’s not truth.


First of all, I can pray.  And pray and pray.  The importance of prayer cannot be underestimated.  God hears.  He understands.  He is in control.  He is our shelter in the storms of life.


What else can I do?


I can make my home a safe haven.  A shelter from the storms of the outside world.


I first heard this idea from Flylady, an online cleaning/organizing/loving yourself enough to take care of yourself type of system.  I was following this website when 9/11 hit.  Her advice?  Shut off the tvs and make your home a safe haven for your family.


Our families need a place to come to where they know they are safe, loved, and cared for. 


Is that easy?  Uhm, no.


Yesterday I had a Mommy tantrum.  As in I yelled.  And I may or may not have stomped my foot.


But today is a new day!  And with lots of prayer, and the Lord as our guide, we can make our homes a shelter in the storm.