Sometimes, I feel swallowed by defeat. I fail on some days…I lose my temper, my patience, my feelings get hurt, I get tired, I can’t understand something, I don’t accomplish what I think I should. The enemy can dance in my head with his deceitful chanting. I take those thoughts captive, but I must admit, not always immediately.

I know what it is to doubt.

Perhaps that isn’t all bad. Perhaps those times help me get perspective to better help my child.

My son faces unique and complex emotions and often, he feels defeat. He feels that he doesn’t measure up…and certainly, the enemy entices him in that direction.

My compassion for him  grows when I recall all the times I’ve faced by own doubt and feelings of  inadequacy.

I’ve come to understand that being in-tune with my own feelings is so very important in dealing with his – which are usually magnified. I’ve come to understand there can even be purpose and good from my questioning. I can address feelings in words that are better understood for him when I can peg them for myself. I can extend understanding, even give examples from my own life when he feels the weight of the world on his shoulders.

Always, we are to be truth centered, but we must pay attention to our God-given emotions. Especially with our adopted children, they need to know that we care enough, are compassionate enough, and understand enough to validate their complex and sometimes, overwhelming feelings. When we meet them where they “feel” we can better turn their hurts toward truth. We can help them to take their own thoughts captive.

I’ll still have those days and those moments when I feel defeated, but I know that I cannot and should not stay there, but I can also know that there can be purpose and good…even in those moments that can benefit my child.