As a ministry, we continue to seek ways to care for families, both locally and living miles away.  All are welcome and we pray these events will be a blessing to all who come.

Praying for us is one of the most significant ways you can partner with the Katelyn’s Fund ministry. Here are some ways you can pray, be a direct part of the ministry, and make an impact in caring for the orphan.

If you are an adoptive or foster family – or are even just interested in learning more – we would love to have you become part of our Katelyn’s Fund support community. Together we will explore how to navigate the difficult roads, celebrate the victories, and educate ourselves so that we can walk in a fuller abundance.

We have so many great events throughout the year for you and your family. We would love for you to get connected as we learn, grow, and celebrate together!

Connect with Us

If you are not able to attend the local gatherings but wish to connect with others to walk alongside you, please contact us. We would love to help find support that is right for you!

Donate today to support our ministry.

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