New Beginnings 20.19

Donated: $20.19

Will you consider giving $20.19 towards our first NEW BEGINNINGS campaign? 2019 has already brought with it new opportunities and new challenges, and as always we are honored to partner with you in caring for families and children. One new beginning that we’re leaning into the Lord and learning how to navigate is the welcoming of 16 new children at the One Vision orphanage. Each of these children have come to our family from other orphanages, closed by the government for not providing adequate care. We were told of these new precious ones in a months time, and we are beginning to see health improvements as well as the beginning of trust being established. We know this will take time, and the children will need consistency and love to build attachments and feel safe, but we are begin to pray fiercely already for His peace and covering over each of them and our One Vision family as a whole.


However, with increased numbers comes increased cost. We need new beds, new mattresses, new pillows, new clothes, new shoes, and the like. Would you partner with us and make a $20.19 donation towards these initial goals. We would love to raise $2,019.00 by March 1st!

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