Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement: Speaking boldly for the fatherless.  Advocating that all children, regardless of circumstance, race, or origin, are children of God, and deserve physical and spiritual restoration, implemented by the body of Christ, in obedience to the commands of the Father.

The heart of this ministry lies within its name.  Not only with one child, our daughter, Katelyn, one of God’s children, who was once an orphan and was claimed by our God, but also for all of the other children that are orphaned.

This is a ministry in memory of Katelyn Estrella, the twin sister of Elizabeth, daughter of Kelly and Sheila. Katelyn is no longer with us on earth but is living with our Heavenly Father. We seek to help other children in loving memory of her.

The simple definition of Katelyn’s Fund would be to bring orphan awareness to others, provide emotional and prayer support to families, and assist Christian families with the high costs of adoptions, although the ministry of Katelyn’s Fund is so much more.  As we seek to capture the heart of adoption, we are devoted to actively and boldly speak of God’s loving call for us as His adoptive children.

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